Milking School DVDs

Learn more about our complete Milking School DVD set. It includes almost 6 hours of wonderful, informative lectures and demos. We’ve included the information you need to buy, milk, and naturally care for your very own Cud-Chewing Beauty Queen!

Milking School 3 DVD set on Natural Family Cow Care

Milking School DVDs teach natural family cow care. The owners have now retired from farming but you can still buy the school on DVDs here.  3 dvds/6+ hours. They include several subjects…

Why do we raise our calves on REAL milk?

When we started this journey, we were appalled to learn that most farms feed their babies formula.  We hesitatingly followed the recommended program with the exception that we used non-medicated everything.  The first few trips…

Why do we drink raw milk!?

People ask me why we drink raw milk.  I will tell you our story.  Adam and I grew up drinking raw milk, he grew up Amish and they almost all drink milk right off of…

Forks Over Knives – A Second Opinion

I find so many people confused after watching this documentary that I decided to write this showing another side of the story.  This does not mean you cannot benefit by becoming a vegetarian for a short period of time (almost like a type of cleansing fast) or...

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What is A1 vs A2 Milk?

I have written a new article for about the genetic mutation A1 that is linked with several health issues.   Any family milk cow will produce wonderful raw milk but A2 is the purest and healthiest raw milk you can find. Yes, probably 99% of dairy...

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What do we mean by grazing genetics??

We find that there are three keys to having a family milk cow that can graze efficiently, be healthy, and live a long full life.  They are 1) genetics, 2) well developed rumen, and 3) proper diet. 1) Genetics Believe it or not, our American dairy cows have been bred...

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