About Us

Annie Likes My Popsicle!   We are located in Frederick, Maryland and raise and sell family size Once A Day Milking A2/A2 milk cows which include Mid Miniature and Miniature Jersey cows, weanlings, and bred heifers and a few Registered small Standard Old School Genetics Jersey cows.  We test for the major bovine diseases including BLV, BVD, and Johne’s.  We are a Brucellosis and TB free state.  Any other disease we have been required to test for importation to a state or country we have tested free of.  We love our A2/A2 milk cow and want to help you experience the benefits of your own sweet cow too.  : )

Our passion is to raise family sized A2/A2 Jersey milk cows with grazing genetics, hand-milking size teats,  smaller frames/statures that will have 12-15 lactation’s, be true family friends, and provide a sustainable source of wholesome and heart-healthy grass-fed meat, milk, cheese, yogurt,  other dairy foods, and wonderful fertilizer for the fields and gardens.  We are mostly Mid and Mini Jersey but still have a few small standards.  We know of a shipping service that will deliver all over the US.

We only breed A2/A2 genetics.  All of our sires are rated A2/A2 and do not carry the A1 mutation.    Our for sale page though never updated, will give you a sampling but honestly we spend more time out at the barn than trying to upload on our “high” speed.

Our Jersey calves are dam raised (a dam is a mama cow) on REAL milk (not formula as is common now) for a healthier and longer life.  Instead of weaning at 5-8 weeks of age,  we don’t wean them until at least 16-24  weeks of age (4-6 months).  By weaning later, we allow them to properly develop their immune system and rumen so that they can digest the cellulose in the grass.   Enough REAL Milk is the perfect source of protein for a calf although industry will tell you that grain is the perfect way.

Raising on real milk (enough milk!) and weaning our heifers at several months is a lot of work and expense, but they are so much healthier that it is worth it!  This commitment along with the fact that our lines come from generations of grazing and non confinement,  allows a well developed rumen so they can be efficient grazers and stay in good condition on good quality forages.  We are feeding and breeding for cows that live a long healthy life and don’t break the bank in grain and vet bills.  Not to mention the multiple health benefits from the nutrient dense grass-fed milk and other products a family cow can produce for ones homestead.  

We rarely use any drugs.  Instead, we give free choice kelp and trace mineral salt, use probiotics and other natural trace minerals, and herbal supplements and homeopathic treatments.

We avoid genetically modified grains (in fact, we feed very very little grain as ruminants do best on forage and this helps us avoid milk fever, ketosis, and mastitis issues – having healthy foundation stock helps a lot as well.  Our personal milk cow gets a pound or two of organic and or gmo free  alfalfa pellets and grains as a thank you for coming in.  All the herd girls and babies are grain free unless using a little grain for training purposes or a quart or so per cow during a very harsh winter for example.  We use no bovine growth hormones or any other milk “enhancer”.  We do not breed or feed for top production as is typical for American genetics producing super cows that often have problems from the high gear they are genetically programed for, but for a healthy family sized cow that will thrive on grazing.  

Although not certified humane (too much paperwork), we follow 95% of their requirements  and generally look to the well-being of our animals.

Milking School DVDs can be purchased from our site here.  It will include the info you see on the brochure plus an interview with Dr. Dettloff, the foremost American authority on the A1 mutation and 4 other subjects.

Oh yes, we also give back scratches 🙂   We sure do love our cows and they know it! Please contact us with any other questions.

We love educating and helping others learn but since we were spending a minimum of 20 hours a week on the phone with new cow questions, we have taken our phone number off of our site.  

Chestnut Oak Miniature Jerseys